iZagg as a name stands for One-of-a-Kind thinking in the area of business strategies, opportunities and market ideology.

iZagg is the cornerstone concept of a dependence on independent thinking for the purpose of discovering new business possibilities.  This results in our new methods and directions in the forming of companies, products, services, education and marketing strategies.  The fullness of the iZagg concept for innovation and bold business undertakings is best seen when all its companies are made publicly known and put into a specific action plan to create new results in both old and new markets.



iZagg Inc. chose to initiate the iZagg Strategy with iZagg Energy.  When this company was publicly announced to be launched most of the other iZagg companies were already in development and would each further enhance iZagg Energy's market opportunities and infrastructure.  Our marketing method of utilizing network marketing sales people made it impossible to state in advance our development plans and target dates for deploying the other iZagg companies.  Our trade secrets are in themselves market advantage tools and are not meant to be used in marketing meetings, value adds to the iZagg Energy opportunity or to pass on knowingly and unknowing to our competitors.

Our iZagg Certification was always a piece of a much larger body of information we envisioned to be available and marketed to a global market.  iZagg Energy has a well defined target market area under deregulation.  The deregulation marketplace is best marketed not by its territorial market space but by being the largest dollar deregulation in history.  A $500 billion market that is clearly defined for where is is and is not, legally regulated for fair market share competition is a financial opportunity that can not be captured by any one broker, Retail Electric Provider or marketing group.






iZagg Energy Certification is not defined as training although there is training within it but as an ongoing learning process requiring new and additional information, ISR accountability to changes within deregulated states and their being monitored in the deregulation marketplace by the company.

The value of Certification itself is in what its very existence implies to all that may be affected through the actions of a single Energy Consultant.  What does it imply? Certification implies that: the Energy Consultant's information he is telling is current, true and not misleading, he will be a true and honest care-taker and act with a fiduciary-like courier's care to properly transport each LOA document and requested energy bills to the legal address of iZagg Energy's Cedar Hill office, that any subsequent energy plans or rate offers from iZagg Energy have been carefully and honestly processed through the proper required utility company, that the Retail Electric Provider is provided the correct information for each individual customers best possible rate plan, that any future presented contract to a prospective customer is a time sensitive valid offer at that time and that iZagg Energy as a company has a watchful eye on both the Energy Consultant and the Retail Electric Provider making the rate plan offer.

Energy Consultant Certification is not optional for our Independent Sales Representatives.  It provides us with the very best present day management oversight for having done our best to make it mandatory, available, measurable and is responsible for not only information they should know but their actions in their sales process. The company and the customer, whether large or small, as a result of our Certification requirement will receive our very best effort to provide a value added service that exceeds any requirement we have within the laws of the deregulation of electric and natural gas.

iZagg University is an online educational company.  iZagg University is designed and structured to use both a traditional classroom format if and when needed as well as newer technology options that include various forms of media to accomplish its teaching goals.

Our initial course curriculums and study will be in disciplines in which our iZagg companies are already directly engaged or mat be needed in other iZagg companies that will be launched in the future.

iZagg University is not an opportunity designed company and is not a backdoor method for the students of iZagg Energy ISRs to gain leads for their business opportunities nor will our students be allowed to use iZagg University as a platform for their lead generation.   

Students may attend our course studies regardless of their personal company affiliations and be anonymous of any form of public disclosure of their participation as one of our students.  While they are anonymous to the public or competitors each student is required to provide true and legal identity to the company.